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How to Create Beautiful Wedding Reception Centerpieces

If you are having a traditional sit-down wedding reception, you most likely have multiple tables for guests to sit at. You want your guests to feel welcomed and comfortable no matter which table they are seated at. A beautiful centerpiece at each table can help guests feel special and that they are an important part of your wedding.

Wedding Colors

When you create wedding reception centerpieces, one of the easiest ways to create cohesion is by using your wedding colors in these pieces. If you do so, the centerpieces will subtly match the bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s attire, your wedding invitations, and anything else that you have planned out with certain colors in mind. Another way to incorporate color in your centerpieces is by using a color complementary to your wedding colors or one that isn’t yet so prominent in your other planning. If you choose to do this instead, you don’t have to worry about one color being too overpowering. 


Centerpieces can be anything you want them to be. You don’t have to create super elaborate centerpieces if you don’t want to or don’t have the budget to do so. As with choosing colors for your centerpieces, you also want to create cohesion with the aesthetic of your centerpieces. The aesthetic of your centerpieces should match the overall aesthetic of your wedding and say something about you and your spouse’s personalities. For example, if you are having a tropical destination wedding and both you and your spouse are outdoorsy, you might consider wood pieces or collections of shells and sand for your centerpieces.

Match the Venue

Something that greatly affects the aesthetic of your wedding and reception is the venue you choose. Before having your wedding reception, try to visit your venue if possible or at least look at many pictures of it. If the venue already has decorations and you like these decorations, you can pattern your centerpieces off of them. 

The great thing about wedding reception centerpieces that you truly love is that you don’t have to get rid of them right away. You can use these centerpieces to decorate your home or to give away as favors to guests. Centerpieces may not be very large in comparison to other parts of your wedding, but they play a big role at your reception.

If you are hoping to have elegant, beautiful centerpieces in a venue that matches them well, check out Joseph Smith Memorial Building Meetings & Events here today to plan your reception.