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How to Pick Your Wedding Venue

The most important part of your wedding is the people, not the place it is held at or what food you eat. Your wedding venue should cater to your personality and what you and your guests need. Picking an appropriate venue will help determine the overall aesthetic of your wedding.

Good Lighting

One of the most important things you need to look for when picking a wedding venue is good lighting. Proper lighting without a lot of shadows is essential for beautiful photos and a warm ambience. You will be looking at these photos for many years to come after your wedding, so having good lighting is imperative. Look for a venue that has large windows to let in natural light or extensive indoor lighting. If your ceremony or reception is expected to be quite long or during a time that natural light is drastically changing (like between afternoon and evening), make sure that there will be good lighting no matter what time of day it is.

Simple Yet Elegant

The secret to picking a wedding venue is not to pick the most extravagant one you can find. Your guests are coming to your wedding to celebrate you and your spouse, they aren’t coming to admire the venue. Therefore, the venue should add to the elegance and beauty of the ceremony and the event itself without being so excessive that it detracts. Look for a venue that is simple yet elegant. The ideal wedding venue is like a clean, blank canvas inside a beautiful frame. You can always add decorations that more fully match your aesthetic and personality.


The best wedding venues are not only beautiful but also work to make things more convenient for you. Finding a venue that also offers catering services crosses two things off the long list of things you need to coordinate. Choosing a venue that has catering is also a very reliable choice because the food will definitely be there on time and fresh for your wedding.

Your wedding should be a very special occasion. Choose a venue that will add elegance and beauty to your wedding, enhancing the personality and style of you and your spouse. Make sure to consider other logistics as well, such as photography and catering, when you are choosing a venue.

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant venue to celebrate your love, book the Joseph Smith Memorial Building here.