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How to Start Planning Your Wedding

You’re engaged and now it’s time to start planning your wedding! You may have dreamed about your wedding for years or just started thinking about it today. Regardless of how many or how few inspiration pictures you have looked at up until this point, there are still a number of very important logistics to figure out before planning anything else.

Pick a Date

One of the first things you should do when planning a wedding is pick a date. Choose a time that is most convenient for you and your spouse. Your date should be far enough out that you have ample time to prepare everything, including finalizing your party, sending out invitations, and getting a caterer. When considering different dates, also think about what season you want to get married in and what outdoor venues may be available during that time. Don’t feel pressured into picking your date based on other people’s schedules or opinions; wedding planning is already stressful enough with a functional timeline.  

Make a Guest List

Once you have a date, it’s time to start deciding who you want at the wedding. Your wedding is a great cause for celebration and a time that you should be surrounded by people you truly love. When making a guest list, don’t feel obligated to invite everyone you know. As long as the right people are there, an intimate gathering can be incredibly special. Make sure to physically write out your guest list as you are making it. This will ensure that you won’t miss anyone important on mistake. Additionally, you will be able to see what numbers you are actually working with, which is incredibly important for accurate planning.

Pick a Venue

When you have narrowed down your guest list, you can then start looking at venues. Your venue should be large enough to accommodate all of your guests but small enough to still feel intimate and close. An ideal venue should be somewhere that is naturally elegant and that can be tweaked to fit your personal style and needs. Your venue will be the backdrop for one of the best days of your life, so you want to choose one that will enhance the beauty of your ceremony and reception.  

When you are planning your wedding, plan it according to what you and your spouse want. Picking a date, narrowing your guest list, and deciding on a venue all greatly affect the overall atmosphere of your wedding. Once you have those things figured out, you can start working through smaller details like music, a menu, and florals.

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