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Priorities When Wedding Planning

Happy newlywed couple celebrating at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building Meetings and Events in Salt Lake City, Utah

When you first get engaged, things probably feel like a whirlwind. There is so much excitement, but you also have to plan a beautiful event with dozens of variables. It can be daunting and overwhelming to initially start planning your “perfect day,” so knowing what to prioritize can help you stay on track.

What’s Important to You

When you are getting married, lots of people will have opinions on how you should plan it. People with the strongest opinions may include parents, siblings, and close friends. It can be especially difficult to tune out these opinions if some of these people are helping you finance the wedding. However, your wedding is ultimately a day for celebrating you and your spouse. Consider sitting down with your fiancé(e) at the beginning of your engagement to discuss what is important to both of you. The factors that both of you want at your wedding should be what you prioritize in your budget and planning.

Personalizing Your Wedding

Because your wedding is a special day for you and your spouse, you want it to uniquely celebrate your love and relationship. You can personalize your wedding by having prints of your engagement and bridal photoshoot sessions. You can also add personality by choosing a color scheme and decorations that you both like. Similarly, if you choose to serve food or snacks, these can be things you both enjoy eating or that represent different parts of your culture.


Of all the logistics involved in wedding planning, choosing a venue is one of the most important. A venue helps to set the tone and aesthetic for an entire event. The size of your venue also determines how many people you can have at your wedding. Venues are one of the first things that engaged couples decide on when wedding planning. Depending on what month you get married, venues might need to be booked far in advance to ensure availability.

Wedding planning will inevitably be at least a little stressful, but it should still be an enjoyable time. This is the time when you get to plan something intimately with your future spouse to share with your closest loved ones. Starting to plan early and having a clear vision of what’s most important to you and your future spouse will help you better enjoy the planning process.

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