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Foods to Avoid Serving at Your Wedding

Ice cream cone is messy at your wedding

Not all of our wedding guests may know each other. However, a great way to bring everyone together is by providing great food. When you are choosing a caterer and picking out a menu, make sure to avoid certain types of food to help ensure the food is a wonderful aspect of your wedding.

Messy Foods

First off, you should steer clear of overly messy foods. You probably want your wedding to have an air of sophistication and elegance and serving messy foods would not go along with this vision. Additionally, many of your guests will probably be wearing nice clothes. You and your spouse will also likely be wearing nice and rather expensive clothes. In order to preserve a sophisticated atmosphere and your and your guests’ outfits, you should opt for foods and meals that you can eat neatly.

Foods With Common Allergens

Your guests are invited to your wedding because of your special relationship with them. However, it can be difficult to keep track of what exactly some people are allergic to or other dietary restrictions. To accommodate various allergies and restrictions, you should avoid serving foods with common allergens. This includes things with peanut sauces or dishes that are very gluten-based. Seek out a caterer that has allergen-free options that all of your guests can safely enjoy.

Foods Made with Low-Quality Ingredients

You should have high-quality food at your wedding. Food made with high-quality, fresh ingredients will taste richer and have more nutritional value. Oftentimes, meals made with in-season ingredients taste great. You and your guests will enjoy your food much better if it is made from quality, fresh, and tasty ingredients. Try to choose a caterer that works with fresh, unprocessed ingredients. Choose a caterer that takes pride in their craft and can provide top-tier dishes for your special day.

While there are definitely certain foods that you should avoid serving at your wedding, there are no rules on what you have to serve. Ultimately, you should choose a caterer that can provide dishes that you, your spouse, and many of your guests will love. Use food at your wedding to help build the ambiance and show off your personality.

To browse through an extensive selection of high-quality and elegant food options, check out the catering menus for the Joseph Smith Memorial Building here.