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Things to Discuss with an Event Coordinator When Planning Your Wedding

Wedding couple at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building Meetings and Events.

When you are planning a wedding, choosing a venue is very important. A venue will determine how your wedding will look and feel. Before the actual day, discussions with the event coordinator associated with the venue will help you align your vision with theirs to have a beautiful event.

Number of Guests

The most important logistic that your event coordinator needs to know is how many guests you are expecting. Based on this number, they can walk you through different seating arrangements, spacing, and other details. This number also gives the event coordinator a good idea of what type of event—ranging from an intimate gathering to a huge party—you are hoping to have. This number may change throughout the planning process, so make sure that you update the coordinator on your final headcount. Set the RSVP date for your guests to be a week or a few weeks before the coordinator would like a final headcount.


It is also important to discuss what types of accommodations are available at the venue with the event coordinator. This is especially critical if you have guests that are in wheelchairs or have strollers and need accessibility ramps. You want to make sure that the venue is suitable and safe for all of your guests. Additionally, when discussing accommodations, you can ask about how you can play your own music or show a personal slideshow.

Overall Aesthetic

Besides just logistics, you should also discuss other details with your event coordinator. For example, you should tell them what your ideal aesthetic is and what you are hoping your wedding will be like. This will help the event coordinator better determine if the venue will be a good fit for your wedding. If the overall aesthetic of the venue and your aesthetic mesh well together, you can move forward in planning your wedding at that venue.

It is very helpful to speak with an event coordinator because they know the venue well. With this knowledge, they can help realistically bring your wedding dreams to life. When looking for a venue, try to find ones that have an event coordinator you can speak with to ensure that you are more likely to get what you want out of the venue.

If you are looking for an elegant venue for your wedding and are ready to start planning with an event coordinator, reach out to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building Meetings and Events here today.