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How to Choose the Best Food For Your Wedding

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When you get married, your closest family and friends are usually at the reception. You probably know them all very well, but they may not know each other. Something, in addition to a love for you and your spouse, that will help bring your guests together is great food. Having good food at your wedding will help make it feel even more like a celebration.

Fresh Ingredients

Always pick caterers who use fresh ingredients. Fresh ingredients will make a world of difference compared to artificial, canned, or otherwise pre-packaged ingredients. Additionally, fresh ingredients are typically more nutritious and healthier. Not only will your food look and taste more appealing if it is made with fresh ingredients, but it will also be better for you and your guests. When you choose caterers who use all or mostly fresh ingredients, they typically use a lot of foods that are in season and in stock. This may mean that their menu changes slightly based on the season and what is available. If you are set on a certain dish, make sure to double-check with the caterer about its availability when you are getting married.


Your wedding is a very special occasion, so it should have an air of elegance in everything from the location to the food. Avoid messy foods or foods that easily cause staining like sloppy joes. Finding elegant food to serve at your wedding doesn’t mean you have to find a food you’ve never heard of and can’t pronounce. Instead, elegant foods can just be regular dishes like sandwiches or chicken dishes elevated to another level through special sauces, exquisite plating, or unique side dishes.

Great Taste

Finally, the food you serve at your wedding should taste good. Pick something that caters to both your and your spouse’s tastes. The wedding will be your big day after all, so you should enjoy the food there. When possible, taste test the food before committing to a certain caterer or dish for your wedding.

When you have great food at your wedding, food no longer has to be a point of stress and anxiety. Choosing a caterer who uses quality ingredients to make quality food is crucial in wedding planning. Great food will add to the joyful atmosphere of your wedding.

To browse from a variety of elegant and delicious dishes, view Joseph Smith Memorial Building Meeting and Event’s menus here today.