Joseph Smith Memorial Building Meetings and Events is currently closed to the public and not booking any events due to the planned renovation of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Currently, a projected reopening date has not yet been determined. As more information becomes available, a public announcement will be made. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

What Elevates an Elegant Venue

If you have an important event coming up, you are probably looking for an elegant venue to have it at. However, not all elegant venues are the same. There are certain features that take an already elegant venue to the next level.

Classy Location

When choosing a venue, you should not only consider the venue itself but also what is directly around the venue. Elegant spaces are elevated by elegant surroundings. Look for a venue that is in a classy part of town. This may mean finding a venue that is not in loud, rambunctious surroundings. Venues surrounded by natural beauty, like gardens, or even clean cityscapes, are ideal. As your guests come to and leave your event, there should be a continued ambiance of elegance that extends beyond the mere venue itself.

Great Lighting

Sometimes what makes an elegant venue is not entirely manmade and crafted. One of the best ways to bring elegance to a venue and an event is through great lighting—natural, if possible. Look for venues with large windows and an abundance of natural light. Ask to tour the venue to see the lighting yourself. You can also ask about how the light shifts throughout the day depending on when your event will be. If there is not a lot of natural light or your event will be at night, make sure the event space has plenty of lighting inside.

Beautiful Details

Elegance is not only in the big picture: Elegance is also created from the smallest of details. Before booking a venue, visit it if possible. See what kinds of detail work they have on their doors, in the flooring, and in other often overlooked places. If a venue pays attention to and beautifies even the smallest of details, you know that they care about elegance as a whole. Choosing a venue with beautiful details will make every part of your event elegant and special.

Whether you are planning a wedding or a business conference, your event deserves to be hosted in a beautiful space. Elegance should be prioritized, but you don’t have to settle for that. Look for venues that go beyond just regular elegance by amplifying the beauty of the space and the event with surroundings, lighting, and details.

If you are hoping to plan an elevated elegant event, check out the Joseph Smith Memorial Building Meetings and Events here today! By booking this venue, you can ensure that your event is memorable and beautiful.