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Factors to Consider When Booking a Private Event Space

Private event spaces can be used for everything from corporate networking events to family reunions. The great thing about private event spaces is that you can have everything you need for the event all in one place instead of having to make alterations to your own home or space for the event. When booking a private event space, make sure that it has all the features required for your event.

Number of Guests

The first thing to consider when booking an event space is how many people will be attending your event. This will ultimately determine how large of an event space you need. Having too small of an event space will make the space seem very stuffy and cramped, whereas too big of an event space will feel empty. Larger event spaces are typically more expensive than smaller ones, so you don’t want to book a space that is too large for the number of guests you are expecting.

Technology Needs

Oftentimes, PowerPoint presentations, music, and other technological aspects play a large role in private events. If you are planning any of these technological aspects to be a part of your event, make sure that the event space you are booking has the proper equipment and setup. You will probably run into a lot less technical difficulties if you find an event space with built-in technology you can use. This will also make setup and takedown much easier.


Finally, think about what type of atmosphere you want your event to have. The event space—particularly its lighting, environment, and design—will have a great impact on the tone of your event. For almost every event, you probably want to look for a private event space that is polished and elegant. If possible, visit the event space or at least look at pictures of it before booking to ensure that it will help set an appropriate tone for your event.

When you are booking a private event space, it is important to make sure it will meet the needs of your event and your guests. Therefore, it is necessary to have a clear vision of what will happen at your event. Planning this out before picking an event space will help you narrow your search and find the perfect space more quickly.

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