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Priorities When Wedding Planning

When you first get engaged, things probably feel like a whirlwind. There is so much excitement, but you also have to plan a beautiful event with dozens of variables. It can be daunting and overwhelming to initially start planning your “perfect day,” so knowing what to prioritize can help you stay on track.

What’s Important to You

When you are getting married, lots of people will have opinions on how you should plan it. People with the strongest opinions may include parents, siblings, and close friends. It can be especially difficult to tune out these opinions if some of these people are helping you finance the wedding. However, your wedding is ultimately a day for celebrating you and your spouse. Consider sitting down with your fiancé(e) at the beginning of your engagement to discuss what is important to both of you. The factors that both of you want at your wedding should be what you prioritize in your budget and planning.

Personalizing Your Wedding

Because your wedding is a special day for you and your spouse, you want it to uniquely celebrate your love and relationship. You can personalize your wedding by having prints of your engagement and bridal photoshoot sessions. You can also add personality by choosing a color scheme and decorations that you both like. Similarly, if you choose to serve food or snacks, these can be things you both enjoy eating or that represent different parts of your culture.


Of all the logistics involved in wedding planning, choosing a venue is one of the most important. A venue helps to set the tone and aesthetic for an entire event. The size of your venue also determines how many people you can have at your wedding. Venues are one of the first things that engaged couples decide on when wedding planning. Depending on what month you get married, venues might need to be booked far in advance to ensure availability.

Wedding planning will inevitably be at least a little stressful, but it should still be an enjoyable time. This is the time when you get to plan something intimately with your future spouse to share with your closest loved ones. Starting to plan early and having a clear vision of what’s most important to you and your future spouse will help you better enjoy the planning process.

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How to Determine Your Wedding Budget

Planning your wedding is a very special experience. You are probably very excited about different decorations and details that you can include at your beautiful event. Before you start making large purchases and putting deposits down, you should first determine a clear budget for your wedding.

Income and Savings

Your wedding budget will ultimately be determined by how much money you are able and willing to spend on your wedding. As much as possible, you should avoid going into debt. This is especially true when planning your wedding. While a wedding is very special and important, it only lasts for one day. It is better to start off your marriage financially stable than to be thousands of dollars in unnecessary debt. Sit down with your fiancé(e) and frankly discuss how much you are both reasonably able to contribute to the wedding based on your combined income and savings. Keep in mind that you don’t have to spend that much on your wedding; you can still have a beautiful event for a reasonable price.


One of the biggest expenses in your wedding budget will probably be paying for a venue. A venue should be decided on before more minor details. Your venue will help to create the aesthetic you want for your wedding. If possible, tour possible venues with your future spouse to make sure it is a location that you both love. Look for an elegant, beautiful venue that will help frame your wedding well.

Guest List

Another important factor when determining a wedding budget is your guest list. If you want to have a lot of people attend, you will usually need to pay more. This is especially true if you are planning on catering. If you choose to have fewer guests, you can either spend less on your wedding or use the excess money in the budget in other ways.

Remember that you and your spouse are not defined by how much money you can or choose to spend on your wedding. Your relationship is worth far more than anything you could spend on one event. A firm budget will help keep you both on the same page and prevent overspending while planning.

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Foods to Avoid Serving at Your Wedding

Not all of our wedding guests may know each other. However, a great way to bring everyone together is by providing great food. When you are choosing a caterer and picking out a menu, make sure to avoid certain types of food to help ensure the food is a wonderful aspect of your wedding.

Messy Foods

First off, you should steer clear of overly messy foods. You probably want your wedding to have an air of sophistication and elegance and serving messy foods would not go along with this vision. Additionally, many of your guests will probably be wearing nice clothes. You and your spouse will also likely be wearing nice and rather expensive clothes. In order to preserve a sophisticated atmosphere and your and your guests’ outfits, you should opt for foods and meals that you can eat neatly.

Foods With Common Allergens

Your guests are invited to your wedding because of your special relationship with them. However, it can be difficult to keep track of what exactly some people are allergic to or other dietary restrictions. To accommodate various allergies and restrictions, you should avoid serving foods with common allergens. This includes things with peanut sauces or dishes that are very gluten-based. Seek out a caterer that has allergen-free options that all of your guests can safely enjoy.

Foods Made with Low-Quality Ingredients

You should have high-quality food at your wedding. Food made with high-quality, fresh ingredients will taste richer and have more nutritional value. Oftentimes, meals made with in-season ingredients taste great. You and your guests will enjoy your food much better if it is made from quality, fresh, and tasty ingredients. Try to choose a caterer that works with fresh, unprocessed ingredients. Choose a caterer that takes pride in their craft and can provide top-tier dishes for your special day.

While there are definitely certain foods that you should avoid serving at your wedding, there are no rules on what you have to serve. Ultimately, you should choose a caterer that can provide dishes that you, your spouse, and many of your guests will love. Use food at your wedding to help build the ambiance and show off your personality.

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Things to Discuss with an Event Coordinator When Planning Your Wedding

When you are planning a wedding, choosing a venue is very important. A venue will determine how your wedding will look and feel. Before the actual day, discussions with the event coordinator associated with the venue will help you align your vision with theirs to have a beautiful event.

Number of Guests

The most important logistic that your event coordinator needs to know is how many guests you are expecting. Based on this number, they can walk you through different seating arrangements, spacing, and other details. This number also gives the event coordinator a good idea of what type of event—ranging from an intimate gathering to a huge party—you are hoping to have. This number may change throughout the planning process, so make sure that you update the coordinator on your final headcount. Set the RSVP date for your guests to be a week or a few weeks before the coordinator would like a final headcount.


It is also important to discuss what types of accommodations are available at the venue with the event coordinator. This is especially critical if you have guests that are in wheelchairs or have strollers and need accessibility ramps. You want to make sure that the venue is suitable and safe for all of your guests. Additionally, when discussing accommodations, you can ask about how you can play your own music or show a personal slideshow.

Overall Aesthetic

Besides just logistics, you should also discuss other details with your event coordinator. For example, you should tell them what your ideal aesthetic is and what you are hoping your wedding will be like. This will help the event coordinator better determine if the venue will be a good fit for your wedding. If the overall aesthetic of the venue and your aesthetic mesh well together, you can move forward in planning your wedding at that venue.

It is very helpful to speak with an event coordinator because they know the venue well. With this knowledge, they can help realistically bring your wedding dreams to life. When looking for a venue, try to find ones that have an event coordinator you can speak with to ensure that you are more likely to get what you want out of the venue.

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Important Factors to Remember When Choosing a Wedding Venue

When you are choosing a wedding venue, it can be easy to get caught up in looking at the ambiance and elegance. These are things that are incredibly important for your wedding venue as they will set the tone for your wedding. However, you also need to remember other logistical factors that are sometimes overlooked.


At your wedding, you might be having guests of all ages attend. Some of these guests may have walkers, wheelchairs, or strollers. If this is the case or if you think some of your guests may have plus-ones with disabilities or accessibility concerns, you want to make sure you choose a wedding venue that is accessible. Choose a venue with wide walkways and hallways, ramps and elevators near stairwells, and handrails. Accessibility features will help your guests stay safe and enjoy your special day.

Parking Options

Your guests will all need to get to your wedding, and most people will probably opt to drive. A great wedding venue will have plenty of parking options available to make it easy for guests to arrive and get to and from your wedding. When you are inquiring about a venue, ask if they have a lot, garage, or designated parking spaces. If none of those options are included, ask what public parking is nearby. This is especially important if you want a venue located in a crowded city or if you are getting married during the winter months when the roads and sidewalks will be icy.

Inclusive Catering Options

Food is one of the best parts of any wedding. This is because food is something everyone can enjoy together. A lot of people have food allergies, food preferences, or other dietary restrictions. Even if you know your guests quite well, you may not know all of their dietary restrictions. It is important, then, to opt for catering that provides inclusive yet tasty options. Be on the lookout for caterers who offer things like vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, and other options.

Things like accessibility, parking, and dietary restrictions may not be the first thing you see when you walk into a wedding venue. However, they are still very important because they affect you and your guests directly. Accounting for these pertinent logistics is crucial for helping your guests truly enjoy your wedding.

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How to Choose the Best Food For Your Wedding

When you get married, your closest family and friends are usually at the reception. You probably know them all very well, but they may not know each other. Something, in addition to a love for you and your spouse, that will help bring your guests together is great food. Having good food at your wedding will help make it feel even more like a celebration.

Fresh Ingredients

Always pick caterers who use fresh ingredients. Fresh ingredients will make a world of difference compared to artificial, canned, or otherwise pre-packaged ingredients. Additionally, fresh ingredients are typically more nutritious and healthier. Not only will your food look and taste more appealing if it is made with fresh ingredients, but it will also be better for you and your guests. When you choose caterers who use all or mostly fresh ingredients, they typically use a lot of foods that are in season and in stock. This may mean that their menu changes slightly based on the season and what is available. If you are set on a certain dish, make sure to double-check with the caterer about its availability when you are getting married.


Your wedding is a very special occasion, so it should have an air of elegance in everything from the location to the food. Avoid messy foods or foods that easily cause staining like sloppy joes. Finding elegant food to serve at your wedding doesn’t mean you have to find a food you’ve never heard of and can’t pronounce. Instead, elegant foods can just be regular dishes like sandwiches or chicken dishes elevated to another level through special sauces, exquisite plating, or unique side dishes.

Great Taste

Finally, the food you serve at your wedding should taste good. Pick something that caters to both your and your spouse’s tastes. The wedding will be your big day after all, so you should enjoy the food there. When possible, taste test the food before committing to a certain caterer or dish for your wedding.

When you have great food at your wedding, food no longer has to be a point of stress and anxiety. Choosing a caterer who uses quality ingredients to make quality food is crucial in wedding planning. Great food will add to the joyful atmosphere of your wedding.

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How to Pick Your Wedding Venue

The most important part of your wedding is the people, not the place it is held at or what food you eat. Your wedding venue should cater to your personality and what you and your guests need. Picking an appropriate venue will help determine the overall aesthetic of your wedding.

Good Lighting

One of the most important things you need to look for when picking a wedding venue is good lighting. Proper lighting without a lot of shadows is essential for beautiful photos and a warm ambience. You will be looking at these photos for many years to come after your wedding, so having good lighting is imperative. Look for a venue that has large windows to let in natural light or extensive indoor lighting. If your ceremony or reception is expected to be quite long or during a time that natural light is drastically changing (like between afternoon and evening), make sure that there will be good lighting no matter what time of day it is.

Simple Yet Elegant

The secret to picking a wedding venue is not to pick the most extravagant one you can find. Your guests are coming to your wedding to celebrate you and your spouse, they aren’t coming to admire the venue. Therefore, the venue should add to the elegance and beauty of the ceremony and the event itself without being so excessive that it detracts. Look for a venue that is simple yet elegant. The ideal wedding venue is like a clean, blank canvas inside a beautiful frame. You can always add decorations that more fully match your aesthetic and personality.


The best wedding venues are not only beautiful but also work to make things more convenient for you. Finding a venue that also offers catering services crosses two things off the long list of things you need to coordinate. Choosing a venue that has catering is also a very reliable choice because the food will definitely be there on time and fresh for your wedding.

Your wedding should be a very special occasion. Choose a venue that will add elegance and beauty to your wedding, enhancing the personality and style of you and your spouse. Make sure to consider other logistics as well, such as photography and catering, when you are choosing a venue.

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How to Get Great Wedding Photos

When is the last time you’ve had your photos professionally taken? You can probably get some pretty high-quality pictures by just using a smart phone, but having a professional photographer with an eye for lines and aesthetic produces much better pictures. For your wedding, you will want to hire a skilled photographer to capture your special day.

Get to Know Your Photographer

In order for you to get great photos, both you and your spouse should be comfortable with the photographer. Stiffness and discomfort translate very painfully in photos, and you don’t want your wedding pictures of all photos to feel awkward and uncomfortable. Because there will be so much going on on your actual wedding day, meeting your photographer the day of would just add unnecessary pressure. When possible, meet your photographer before the wedding and get to know them a little bit. If you do this, it will feel more like a friend behind the camera on your big day instead of a stranger paid to be there. Additionally, when picking a photographer, choose one whose aesthetic and editing style you like.

Communicate What You Want

Wedding photographers, like all photographers, have artistic vision and input. However, they are photographing your wedding, so you have final say in what types of pictures you want. If you have strong preferences about your photos, be clear about which poses, color schemes, and backgrounds you want. Something else to think about before your wedding is who you need or want pictures with, including families of the bride and groom and the wedding party. Listing out who you want pictures with before the wedding will help you avoid missing pictures with anyone important.

Pick a Photogenic Venue

Most pictures are made up of two main elements: the subject and the background. In your wedding photos, you and your guests will be the subjects, but you still need to consider what the background will be. Picking a photogenic venue will help you get great wedding photos. Photogenic venues are elegant, don’t distract from the subject, look good from most or all angles, and have good lighting.

Most of your wedding day will probably be a blur. With pictures, though, you can capture the sentimental and lovely moments of your wedding. You want to have high-quality wedding photos so you can look back on them fondly for years to come.

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